It's a perpetual benediction.There is nothing more vivid than the murals of Chicago, "The Great American City", as Norman Mailer called it, was where it all started. The Chicago skyline never looked so good without the vibrant colours and illustrative style design. This painting reflects the city's elegance and breezy charm .The mural literally soaks up the city's most amazing facts. You can see "The only river in the world that flows backwards" manifesting the wonder of nature when it kisses the horizon. When the river meets the sky , the city turns into a living painting which we have succeeded to capture. Here lies the Willis tower , tied between the boundless sky and the untamed river. Chicago is as luscious as its twinkie. And the very essence of the city is encapsulated in this graffiti. The mural and all its parts were given precise details and had to be made in over. Painting the buildings were a herculean task, but the results were worth all the sufferings.

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We dont like Copying Us!! KALAKARAH IS UNIQUE!! :D