How to get started on a career as graffiti artist?

We hope to draw the attention of  students and practitioners to how Graffiti is generally no longer considered to be a work of vandalism or an act of destruction of public property. Instead, it has become a marketable commodity, with some fashion labels and major corporations even using it in their advertising campaigns. 

What’s our name


What is graffiti

Technically, graffiti is considered to be drawings, paintings, or other markings on surfaces in public places.

       While it was not uncommon in the 20th century, graffiti did not start becoming especially prominent until the early part of the 1980s. At this time, spray paint and permanent markers were typically the most common tools of the trade. It was during this decade that the act of “tagging” became a popular sort of graffiti. This act often involved writing or drawing the tag name of an individual or group of individuals on public or private property, including buildings and train cars.

       While graffiti still earns most of its popularity and following from art produced in urban areas, it’s value and respect continues to grow exponentially. Whether on the exterior wall of an art studio or grocery store, the social value of graffiti invites artists from all cultures to participate in its evolution.

Why graffiti and murals required in public places

Murals are a clear outward display of craft and human talent, and can add more value to the community and environment. It’s way for people to express themselves visually and tell their stories.

Mural projects are an increasingly popular form of public art that transforms outdoor spaces into art galleries. Its like gallery comes to you, because it makes us stop and open our eyes graffiti and murals has been used as a medium for social change ,protest, or expression of community desire

  • Banksy practices “protest graffiti” as high art.
  • over the summer of 2020, a portrait recurred on city walls across the world: an image of the black American George Floyd, who was brutally suffocated to death by police officer David Chauvin on 25 May, 2020. Most of these portraits were based on Floyd’s 2016 selfie, taken from his own Facebook account; many referred to the torment of his killing, and his final words. Thousands of miles from the US, protests numerous graffiti tributes to Floyd appeared in European cities and in Asia, Africa and Australia

Graffiti Artist Education 

It’s one of the few professions with no official educational body or required qualifications. However, all things considered I would recommend at least completing a foundation course in Art & Design, it doesn’t hurt to learn about other methods of creating art. Having said that, if you are disciplined there is no reason why you cannot teach yourself… painting alongside friends and other more experienced artists is also a great and fun way to learn. Practice makes perfect.

Training Requirements

Passion and artistic ability are the two most important aspects for a successful graffiti career. Dedication and persistence are also important since it can take some time for many graffiti artists to see their careers go anywhere. The majority of graffiti artists were self-taught on the street. Some, however, some may choose to refine their already existing artistic abilities with an art degree

               You are going to do graffiti jobs you need a lot of physical and mental stamina, large scale painting is tiring and can be hazardous to health due to the materials you need to use and the spaces you will work in, you need to be health conscious and aware of your surroundings, if you are doing really large paintings fear of heights will be crippling as not looking down will not be an option.

         We use our graphic design skills to create professional looking proposals for clients, so they can get an idea of how the finished painting will look, not all graffiti artists know both artisan and digital design skills, knowing both serves as a definite advantage

       it is essential you have a flare for design and composition, your communication and explanation skills will be essential for sealing the deal with clients who are unsure of the process. 

Work Environment

Depending on his specialty, a graffiti artist may work in a studio, just like a traditional painter. Some graffiti artists, however, particularly those who have honed their skills on city streets, may prefer to stay with this locale

Professional graffiti artists typically do not make a habit of defacing public or private property with their art. Professional graffiti artists may use several different mediums. Like many street artists, however, the preferred medium for professional graffiti is usually spray-paint.

Most jobs we do are project based and a lot of work can happen even before any spray cans have been put to action (the proposal stage is the scariest, sometimes you must put a lot of time and effort into a project proposal only to be rejected). It’s not all painting! When I am not working or preparing for a project I am practicing my art skills and researching painting methods or promoting my artist services online through my website and social media.

Each project starts with an initial meeting with the client, a design brief and discussion about the space they would like painted, some clients know exactly what they want, others look to me for ideas and inspiration, in some cases they have seen my portfolio and want something similar or the same to what I’ve done before… 

What we like about this profession

Art is my passion, being able to get paid for something I love doing is the king of bonus. I really like the fact that my job leads me to meet new people and experience new locations and things on every job I do.

 Things about the job that sometimes we don’t like?

It can be stressful; a lot of pressure can get put on you to get the job done to the highest level of quality in a small time frame, things can go wrong and in some jobs there is no time to make mistakes, this is when it can be hard to feel passionate about the job. It can also be physically strenuous especially when working on very large pieces.


Practice makes perfect. If you are not sure you can paint something, practice it and make sure you can accomplish it before committing to a job. Be prepared to work long and unsociable hours. Be prepared for long periods of downtime.


Become flexible in your creative output. Although some graffiti artists are fortunate enough to be hired for their given signature style or character, don’t expect to be so lucky. Your success will come in the form of a can do attitude with no job too big or too small, knowing how to paint one given thing or style may be lead to initial success but be wary of becoming typecast or a flash-in-the-pan artist, a client who needs a painting of a palm tree will not hire someone whose portfolio consists purely of lettering and font work, show diversity. Also learn the basics of standard painting and decorating practice, there have been jobs where this kind of knowledge is essential and could save you a lot of time, stress and effort.


Artists who want to become a graffiti  artist should be aware that they may or may not be able to make an acceptable living wage in the starting stage 

 difficult to express a salary figure as the work is project based. However in the beginning when you are starting off and building your artist portfolio you should be prepared to work for free or simply break-even, a good job with a great outcome will be key in getting the next paid work, most people will be unsure to hire you unless you have a portfolio, so you must be prepared to spend a little to make a little. 

Specific technology (websites, software, applications, devices) that helps you with our job?

We find a camera and ipad indispensable whilst working on the job, in some cases seeing a space and visualizing is simply not enough. We like to take a photo of the space and draw directly onto the photo using painting apps.

Also invest in a good respirator (spray paint mask) your not going to paint if you can’t breath.


Our responsibilities are to make sure the job is done to match the client’s expectations and fit within the given budget and time frame.

Job Outlook  

A true graffiti career also usually involves selling original works of art or being commissioned to create pieces of art. Some graffiti artists, for instance, may create their art on a perfectly legal canvas. This art might sometimes be showcased in special art shows, where interested collectors can purchase it. City officials and building owners may also commission a graffiti artist to create a large mural covering a building or other large visible surface. Painting a mural of this sort may involve covering up illicit graffiti, but it may also be done simply to add beauty and expression to an area.

Large corporations may even hire these types of artists to create modern advertisements that appeal to younger consumers. Some major corporations that have hired graffiti artists for advertising campaigns include Smirnoff, Coca-Cola, MTV, and even Microsoft.

 Achievement on our graffiti artist path

We Have created and experimented in other forms of art also (body painting, sculpture, painting on canvas etc…) and actually graffiti is not the only art skill which resulted in paid employment.

        Our career milestones are not measured by means of fame or monetary value;we ALWAYS make sure that what we’re doing is challenging to ourselves

We’ve traveled on jobs to exciting and exotic locations, we get to meet a lot of interesting and important people and see a lot of things most people wouldn’t be able to see, all these things are huge perks that make sitting at a desk in a cubicle a living hell.

Who has upper hands 

Learning how to get started with mural art could benefit illustrators, graphic artists or painters with a secret ambition to scale up their artwork. Discovering how to design at scale can introduce creative to a whole new market.



Art is an evolutionary act. The shape of art and its role in society is constantly changing. At no point is art static. There are no rules.

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