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At Kalakarah, we know that every stroke of genius starts with a blank canvas. From graffiti that pops to murals that mesmerize, and sculptures that stun, we’ve got all the creative tricks up our sleeves. We’re not just artists – we’re collaborators, working hand-in-hand with our clients to craft solutions that turn heads and steal the show. Let’s make some magic together!

beautifying the walls Graffiti beautifying the walls
We provide design ideas for buildings, spaces, rooms, art projects and businesses. The whole implementation including the concept, layout, planning, and carrying it out, is our own. We provide our clients with subject-related advice before creating a suitable design idea.
Emotions Captured in Time Murals Emotions Captured in Time
We specialize in creating awe inspiring art outdoors (and indoors) on unusual surfaces in unusual places. Whether for an office mural, or large scale outdoor mural. We make it happen!
No more blank walls Street Art No more blank walls
There aren’t many who understand the amount of time that goes into organizing a public piece of art. The research, planning and design effort is started way before paint hits the wall.
Sculptures & Artworks Illustration Sculptures & Artworks
We help creative thinkers connect with artists –so they can transform their innovative and progressive ideas into powerful visual content.
To make you viral Content Creation To make you viral
A real benefit of what we do, is being able to show it off to the world through amazing visual content. We ensure that we are using the best and most current equipment, that we are in the best location and using the right people to create a message that resonates with your brand and your target audience.
real time marketing Bits & Pieces real time marketing
Our mission is to diffuse the knowledge of contemporary art in sculptures. While also, seeking to be an organization in the production of new public art projects, exhibition programming and community based initiatives.We also conduct workshops and help you in targeted publicity stunts

this is how we do itThe process

Let’s get to know each other! We pride ourselves on the personal approach we take with every one of our clients. We want to understand the why’s, how’s and who’s, to help us to paint the picture on how best to support you.

This is where we’ll work out the game plan based upon the brief from you. We digitally design the artwork and superimpose on the wall which we are planning to paint. We’re all about teamwork, collaboration and getting the best ideas out on the table, no matter how crazy they sound.

By this stage, you’re well and truly aware of the proposed outcome and what you’re expecting materially from us. Run your eyes over what we’ve created, let us know your thoughts, and go through any amendments with the team you feel may be necessary.

We love this bit! Doing what we do best and revealing it to the world! Why not let us film it and spread the word online, creating a buzz around your project or campaign.

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