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who we areKalakarah

Kalakarah – we’re the masters of the urban canvas, the wizards of wall wonders! Specializing in larger-than-life creations, we’re the go-to crew for turning mundane walls into jaw-dropping masterpieces.

With us, it’s not just about slapping paint on walls – it’s about infusing every stroke with professionalism and a deep, passionate understanding of the artform. Trust us, you won’t find that kind of magic anywhere else!


See for yourselfhow a blank wall changes

Just drag and see the magic that happens on wall with Kalakarah…

our charity worksRacing for the Unprivileged

At Kalakarah, we’re more than just artists – we’re dream cultivators, partnering with organizations like Baale mane to spread the joy of art to every corner. Through our collaborative efforts, we empower children who may not have had the chance to experience the magic of art education.

We’re all about spreading positivity through our craft.. By choosing to support us, you’re not just funding a classroom of young artists – you’re fueling a revolution of creativity, encouraging kids to unleash their unique voices, express themselves boldly, and chase their artistic aspirations. Join us in painting a brighter future, one brushstroke at a time!

why art education?

By encouraging children to tap into their creative side, they can learn how to think independently, find their voice, access their imaginations, and become innovative thinkers. And this last point – become innovative thinkers – is what’s really on ourminds

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We dont like Copying Us!! KALAKARAH IS UNIQUE!! :D